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Does this sound familiar??? Does to me! 18/06/2013

I’m reproducing this article written by another as I think it’s helpful to have this info ‘out there’.  It certainly describes where I’m at in this point of time.

The upshot of the article is ‘Don’t worry!’  something I’m skilled at – a champion worry-tub you might say.  There’s turbulent times ahead, but trust in the process; know at times it’s not necessarily you and be gentle on yourself if nothing else!!! (and rest)

Thank you muchly to Meredith Murphy for this one.

You’re Now Receiving Powerful Currents of Universal Energy


A message from Meredith Murphy

Greetings Dear Heart,


You, like many others are experiencing nearly electrifying energy waves incorporating into your field. You realize this is important and valuable and yet it can be very challenging to handle emotionally and energetically. The intensity of this energy gives you a feeling of “not knowing what to do,” for even lying down isn’t really that comforting, as the intensity of the energy and it’s electrifying qualities, do not really subside even when resting


This gearing up for higher dimensional contact is a natural step in the process of your own expansion into greater quantities and concentrations of light. With this higher vibrational pitch you are cultivating, by allowing this energy to join in you with you as you, you are opening up a new stream of consciousness within humanity. This powerful current of Universal Energy is liberating the light of Source into the sphere of humanity. This is a very big deal and it is what you really have been working towards with your efforts to remember and then to support your awakening for so very long. 


It will not last indefinitely this energy and so while you are experiencing it, try to give yourself comfort. Try to remind yourself of all that you knew before you came here. You may not be able to remember specifics, but you certainly can remind yourself that you knew you were capable of this; that you very much wanted to be here for this; that you would find incredible opportunities for self-expression and joy and collaboration within this new reality you would be summoning with your attention and grounding and out picturing in your world.


In the world, in your human experience, and out pictured, much remains to come forth and we hope you might even comfort yourself with the curiosity of this and the anticipation of this and the reminder to yourself that your current intense physical experiences truly are temporary and will subside. 


To support yourself, eat lightly, drink lots of water, lie down and rest when you can and also distract yourself with movies, or music or beauty so that you can be present and yet focused as much as possible on something you find amusing, funny, beautiful or entertaining. This will support your body greatly and also help you to pass the time while your light body expands.


Your light body is now approaching avenues of expression that are entirely new for humanity as a whole on Earth in this physical form: going beyond direct access to 5th dimensional energies and allowing you to open up very widely to the Universal Source connection within each of you in an embodied expression. This is happening not just individually to those who move into this embodiment, but as this embodiment is occurring it is altering the momentum of the human template, and it is building in a way that corresponds to how you think of the 100 Monkey scenario. It’s contagious. Nevertheless, the energetic experience itself can make you feel nauseous or queasy, tired, electric or revved up and irritated — all at once!


We thank you so very much for your brave participation in such a challenging experience and please know we are right here with you and offering you as much ease and comfort as our loving light can provide while the physical world transforms. We recognize your plight and so we speak to you today to encourage you to persevere and know this will lift/ebb soon and then you will be renewed. 


We love you very much.


We are the Angels of Light


Copyright (c) 2009 – 2013 by Meredith Murphy. All rights reserved. You may translate, link to or quote this article, in its entirety, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website: – Any other use of this article is strictly prohibited.


it’s amazing what you don’t know and what you can find out! 07/04/2013

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A couple of days ago I met up with a lady that I got to know through my outdoors work.  We hadn’t seen one another for weeks with a combination of both being unwell with various lurgies and ailments.  A very pleasant time was spent chatting over hot drinks and a shared blueberry muffin (very civilised) in a local garden centre near to both of us.


One of the things I like about the people I know is that someone, somewhere will come up with a fascinating snippet that can explain so much and help you on your way.  Now in my case, I think this helps my healing process.  I’ve had a rubbish winter healthwise, not just the prolonged cold weather, but a cough that lasted for months and looks like it may actually have been croup.  I’m not sure I fancy being the ‘unusual’ category for lurgy, but looks like I bagged this one, this time.


I got particularly despondent with this cough and cold.  Unusually so.  I was able to laugh at myself at the time, but with a semi-gritted jaw that said “Hell or high water I’m getting through this, so the sooner you [cough/ lurgy] diddle off the better.  Dammit”.


From our process of thoughts it turns out that the virus/ thing that I had was most likely of a certain influenza type that has depression/ despondency as one of it’s symptoms.  It explains a lot for this season’s bugfest.  I do get miffed sometimes with coughs and colds, but can normally ride it out with a host of honey & lemon hot drinks, painkillers, hot water bottles, vapour rubs, reiki, etc, etc.  But this one from Dec/ Jan to mid March was a humdinger.  I was also knocked for six at times when the cough and inflamed voicebox tubes produced the very unpleasant effect of not being able to breathe.  In, or out.  I now have an idea of how an asthmatic might feel when their breathing is poor as an attack rears its head.  Noisy breathing or struggling to breathe per se, can be terrifying.


I was heartened to find out that knowledge from someone’s past experience of working for the common cold unit, gave me quite a boost.  An explanation for how you feel – however far down the line that explanation is after the event, can go a really long way to making you feel better.


Friends rock. 😀

Sue @


something I’m bearing in mind for 2013… 12/01/2013

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Don’t Just Wish For a Great 2013. Make It So.



Anything/ everything is possible.


Best wishes for you all for 2013.  Make it so.


Rebloggage: Cards for the Day: Earth Changes/Abundance: Spiritual Decluttering, or, the Blessing in the Storm 08/09/2012

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This explains a lot where I am at the mo with a few things!  Does it for you?!

Cards for the Day: Earth Changes/Abundance: Spiritual Decluttering, or, the Blessing in the Storm.

From Intuitive Blogging’s pages.


Flowers for a September day. 06/09/2012

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I do like the flower pictures that Renard Moreau Presents  blogs for us readers.  So in homage and because I need more reminders of how much more sunshine in my life there is now than there was 10 years ago – see my photo below. 😀

Some flowery sunshine for everyone!

Sue @


Alnwick Gardens. Northumberland, UK. Summer 2012.


chronic stress: conflicting drives 17/08/2012

Stress Strain

Stress Strain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Been doing more reading around today.  I’ve had a lot on my mind over the past few weeks and reading is such a joy and damn useful.

One of the books I’ve been looking at has one section that ticked a few mental boxes for me.  It’s about conflicting things or drives from within you that cause you stress.   The example is of a parent who is trying to balance work with running a home and family and feels like she’s failing in all of them.  The list (see below) was a bit of an eye opener – but the final one really stood out.

  • not being realistic about what can be achieved
  • not got the balance right (reminds me of a Depeche Mode song)
  • not accepting compromises may need to be made
  • not asking for help or asking the right people for help
  • is actually doing fine but isn’t able to accept this as inwardly she’s on a guilt trip which is actually inappropriate.

How often do we berate ourselves for not being good enough?  When actually we’ve been doing pretty well and all we maybe need to do is to set some boundaries and not try to please everyone all the time.  We continue that berating, pretty quickly we become too thinly spread, irritable, upset, anxious or angry (or all of them). It’s not always possible to (always) have it all.  And anyway, everyone has different stress resistance levels – what’s a nightmare for you, someone else can roll with.

So go gentle chaps.  Especially on yourself!


truths and values. 14/08/2012

Posted the following on my Facebook page today and thought it was worth re-posting here.

Bee on allium at Lindisfarne Castle garden originally designed by Gertrude Jekyll.

Been thinking about truths and values today (where truths are evidence based and values are personal judgement calls). Values are unwritten things that you believe to be important to you. These guide you as you go through life. One thing really, really stood out for me this afternoon after some cogitation. We can be held hostage by our own values, even if they are hindering us in some way.

What values do you have that are actually hindering, rather than helping? I certainly know that some of my values have created a deep sense of overwork, tiredness and irritability recently. Time for a re-ponder and re-jig of those values. Not least – simply valuing myself!

Just for today I will work honestly (on myself). 🙂